Adventure Awaits.

Happy Valentine's Day! Are you lucky enough to have found that special someone who is your adventure and the treasure all rolled into one?

#1 Travel Partner

Jules and I would not last 30 seconds competing together in the reality show The Amazing Race. Seriously.

We'd both love to meet Phil Keoghan and win a $1 million. Not to mention being able to see some of the most beautiful places on Earth. It's just we'd have no chance getting out of the start line without either misplacing the first clue or bickering about who was going to navigate.

Even though we both have horrible sense of direction we'd still agree that we would be lost without each other. As we journey through life with each other we have learned many of the traits of being a good travel buddy: patience, humor, kindness, adaptability, curiosity and openness. We also both enjoy taking time away from the daily grind and reconnecting in nature.

In today's face-paced and hectic world it's so easy to feel like life is just passing us by. When we as a family started fantasizing about escaping to a faraway treehouse, it was just that - a fantasy! But before long we started talking more frequently, and then with more intent, about making that fantasy a reality. We were so excited about the possibility of creating a magical getaway where we felt reconnected with nature and where we could take some time to truly slow down. Now after several years in the making, we are thrilled to welcome you all to Hocking Hills Treehouse Cabins!

We hope to have you not only follow along on our new blog but to come stay in one of our treehouse cabins in the Hocking Hills.

And a little reminder as we wind down Valentine's Day, go remind your partner that your relationship is the greatest adventure of all. And be happy that you don't have to go rappelling—upside down—from the top of a towering mountain over a million snakes to do so.

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