Building our Hocking Hills Treehouse Cabins

The little story of how we decided to build treehouse rentals in the Hocking Hills.

Building a treehouse in the Hocking Hills came about thru our daughters' imaginations. Our girls always loved being outside. Nearly 15 years ago this little backyard playhouse started our journey into what has now become Hocking Hills Treehouse Cabins.

As the girls grew in size, so did their imaginations. They dreamt of a bigger playhouse. One with room for ponies and unicorns. The playhouse they envisioned included just about every childhood fantasy imagainable!

Jules had shot a wedding at a treehouse and shared the photos with the girls. They begged that we take them to stay.

We did.

They, of course, loved it.

The Mohicans

They immediately started designing their own backyard treehouse. Complete with trap doors, fireman poles, rope ladders, and zip lines. You name it and that treehouse had it! I'm pretty sure there was even a pet door included! There was no limit to their treehouse design elements!

We had always known we wanted to build a business together. In fact over the years we had flipped several houses in our "spare" time. We weren't quite sure what our business plan was, but we knew we wanted to do something different, something fun, something we could take pride in, and maybe pass onto the girls one day.

So began the making of our treehouse cabins.

Living in Central Ohio, we knew that the Hocking Hills region would be the perfect location. The Hocking Hills is in SE Ohio and is part of the Allegheny Plateau. Millions of years ago the region was covered by the Atlantic Ocean. When the ocean receded the years of erosion from streams and groundwater cut thru the sandstone, creating cliffs, gorges, waterfalls, and rock formations that the region is now famous for.

Hocking Hills State Park, Hocking Hills, Hocking Hills Ohio
Hocking Hills State Park

Next, we needed to find the right piece of property. It was a difficult journey and took nearly two years to find. We knew that we had three non-negotiables: a spectacular vantage of the property with dramatic views, mature trees (we wanted trees in excess of 50 years of age, but here in the USA most trees are seen as a cash crop and get felled well before that) and the property needed to be silent (who wants to escape into nature to only hear the drone of cars in that background!). We could often find one out of three features - sometimes two out of three - but three out of three was hen's teeth rare!

Our 15 acres in South Bloomingville, Ohio ticked off all three non-negotiable boxes! We were on our way to building a relaxing treehouse getaway.

​We'll post more about our treehouse build soon. In the meantime, make sure you sign-up for our tre-mail list to be the first to hear about promotions and updates at

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